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Philippe Pasqua


Born in Grasse in 1965, Philippe Pasqua is a self-taught painter who escapes classical institutions and circuits. He was inspired by Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud and gradually established himself as one of the major artists of his generation. His art impresses, jostles and fascinates. His first exhibition took place in 1990 at Espace Confluence in Paris. He organizes many personal exhibitions, participates in various events around the world (Singapore, Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Taiwan …) and, from 2010, permanently exhibits his works in the gallery The Storage: space located in Saint-Ouen l’Aumône, gathering at the same time a place of exhibition, storage, a garden of sculptures and a place allowing collectors,

“It’s good in the body, in the flesh, that finally the history of men, and perhaps even the history of art, is written”, explains Jean Rustin, about his painting. Thus, it gives us a track can be useful to apprehend the work of Philippe Pasqua.

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